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Barack Obama recognizes unborn babies as human beings

Obama counts unborn babies as human for his own gain

No president has ever championed abortion like President Barack Obama. From his run for the white house in 2008 to his current bid for the 2012 election Barack Obama has said time and again that he fully supports abortion as a choice for expecting mothers to dodge the responsibility of mother hood. That is why the discovery this mothers day that President Obama requires unborn babies to be registered as separate guests from their mothers on any White House tour is so upsetting. Barack Obama clearly acknowledges the growing baby within as a person while simultaneously supporting its indiscriminate execution. Please do read the article above for the full story.

With the revealing of this policy of Barack Obama’s White House it should be interesting to watch how he wiggles his way out of this story. There is a good chance that a staff member will be fired and a statement will be made, but don’t you buy it America. At worst Obama accepts that the killing of what he knows to be a human being is ok, but even in the best case scenario President Obama is trying to pad the White House visit numbers. Why would he want to do that? That is the key question, and maybe there is more to that. It is ludicrous however to claim that the policy is for security reasons. The only explanation of the situation at this point is that the practice is for White House security, but to assume that a fetus is somehow a security threat is insulting to the intelligence of the American people.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this news will be swept under the rug by Presidnet Obama’s gay marriage announcement?