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Facebook: I will NOT vote for Obama in 2012 - nobama

As I sit here sat there in BWI airport; lurking around the internet at 2:00am I ran across a tell tale sign that Obama might be slipping out of relevance for younger voters. The photo here copares the facebook pages:

I Will Not Vote for Obama in 2012


I Will Vote for Obama in 2012

probama vs nobama obama looses the popularity contest

All I have to say is, “Score board” and Rasmussen Reports seems to agree. President Obama swept America away on an emotional tide of change, but all he really did was dig a trench between her people. President Obama is having trouble getting the support of his friends because they are starting to see through the smoke and mirrors to the heart of his act, which is nothing short of communism and a vast collection of government mandates.

Since I initially posted this article the numbers have changed drastically, the nobama group is now at over 680,000 where as the probama group is only at a little more than 120,000. However another interesting turn of events the probama group has been advertising outside of the US to try and compete for numbers with the nobama group. The ads below were being served in the Philippines via Facebook during my most recent trip to see my son.
Facebook Obama pads numbers

Obama seeks support abroad through facebook

Facebook seems to agree with my assessment a public forum that is usually filled with Obama support can’t even muster 1/5th 1/6th of the numbers as the anti-Obama counter part. I predicted this trend here several weeks ago when I discussed how Republicans were winning the share of voice in trending Google searches. People are tired of Obama, and your die hard liberal Democrat supporters are of course going to vote for him, but Obama should be very worried about those folks in the middle. Gay marriage, Socialist medicine, anti religious freedom the list goes on and on… He’s setting fire to all of his bridges, and if he’s not careful it is going to cost him this election, but he seems content at the moment to advocate for higher taxes on the rich while simultaneously courting the mega rich for campaign funds.

Mitt Romney vs. Obama

If you look at the arguments set forth by these two competing Facebook groups above one thing stands out. The pro Obama group whines A LOT just look at their opening argument. “Ever since he took office he has had everything thrown at him” Duh! He is the president. It’s in the job description, no excuses. In sharp contrast we have this from the anti Obama group,

"Our objections to Obama for president are political and ideological — not race. With that said, keep our discussions civil and on message. We’ll try our best to block/ban any user that is racist or uses violent, angry, aggressive rhetoric towards other persons. Thank you."

Much more adult and mature.

I believe we will see this trend continue and I think “I will not vote for Obama in 2012” will reach 1 million soon. The other group may never. I hope you will join me in liking the page because if we move any further forward with change we will fall off of a cliff. Nobama.

Republican Nomination: “Blood Letting” Hurt Democrats not GOP

When checking out Google trends today I came across something very interesting. I was typing in random words for fun, and I found this graph. If you notice up until 2010 after the midterm election democrats have historically been center stage on the internet. There has scarce been a time when republicans were searched more frequently, and the news seems to have taken the same path. That all changed as the candidates started to take their positions for the primary race for the nomination.

As the graph below shows the frequency of searches and the news coverage about republicans, for the first time in at least 8 years, has overtaken the democrats. More people in the past year sought out the republican party online.

Republican verse Democrat in search volume

As we all know any news is good news because the average human being will repeat what they encounter the most. We are creatures of habit and if you aren’t sure who to vote for (independents) then you will naturally choose the name you heard most frequently.

Before Rick Santorum suspended his campaign there was quite the buzz in various media sources that the race for the nomination was becoming a distraction from the campaign. Talking heads went on and on calling the primary election “Blood letting”. It seems however that what was in fact happening was very different. As the race heated up and political ads fired back and forth the interest in the republican party increased. People weren’t loosing interest as the news agencies were leading America to believe. In fact as you can see by the graph above the longer the race went on the greater portion of internet attention the GOP received. The hard fought battle for the nomination was the best campaign tool for Mitt Romney. Another rarely mentioned fact about the hard fought race was the Obama factor. Without a clear candidate to address his attacks at Mr. Obama left his campaign very much on hold. Immediately following the announcement by Rick Santorum the Obama campaign unleashed a hoard of campaign materials against Mitt in various media forms. If the race for the nomination had continued longer it is likely that that torrent of negative campaigning would have laid dormant. All the while giving the general public more time to get better acquainted with the republican party.

Unfortunately for the GOP the Obama campaign is leaps and bounds beyond the republicans at monitoring social awareness and trends through the internet. There are some start ups working toward conservative ends, but the majority of political experts taking full advantage of concepts like SEO and SMM are liberals. In our society not taking full advantage of internet opportunities can break a start up or even a well established business. It’s good to see the GOP making moves toward eListening however it may be to little to late. President Obama’s campaign has a well trained staff monitoring online chatter around the clock and they have been at it for some time now. Luckily public sentiment as currently focused on republicans, but expect a huge blitz of online material from the left to combat this trend.