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White House Correspondents Dinner: The Hollywood Party

The White House correspondents dinner was actually pretty entertaining at times. However there may be ramifications politically from some of the jokes. The Washington Post wrote an article that was very interesting.

Hollywood and Washington went on a romantic date Saturday night

One of the jokes Jimmy Kimmel made rang very true in a not so funny way he said, “Everything that’s wrong with America is here tonight” and that was true. The drivers of all our political and economic problems were all in the same room Saturday night. Hollywood, liberal leaders and the Democrat 1% had a good laugh at America’s expense tonight. Yes it was funny. Yes Obama got some good jokes in. However the humor aside a lot of the jokes the president and Jimmy Kimmel made shouldn’t have been funny. The joke campaign ad the president had made about himself shouldn’t have been funny. The joke statements were pretty true. Granted I did giggle when they referenced the absurd Sarah McLaughlin anti-animal cruelty campaign. Which seems like it was designed to divert funds from starving children in Africa in order to buy dog beds. I digress…

It’s pretty telling however about the democratic party that it seems Hollywood plays a large role in their platform. It’s unfortunate that the majority of Americans would actually take into account a celebrity’s political views when forming their own opinions about the issues. Celebrities wield a lot of power when they do things publicly because people want to be like them, and they want to emulate them. But hold on a minute! Do you really want to make such important decisions based on what somebody completely removed from the issues thinks? When deciding the fate of issues like abortion, freedom of religion, and immigration don’t you think your decision should come from a deeper place than “Because Kim Kardashian tweeted about it.” It’s a sad state of affairs that our citizens use such shallow means of examining the issues. Read the Constitution, read a history book, or better yet learn what your faith teaches about the issues. Hopefully in the future Hollywood won’t have such a pivotal role in politics.

This is amazing i had to share it! This woman’s story is amazing and her life is truly a gift. If the policy of the left had run smoothly her life would have been taken from her, and she would have never had the chance to smile and run marathons. News flash abortion kills people 99.99% of the time unless a true miracle happens like it did for this woman. Take a look:


Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen Speaks Out

Apr 9

The Propaganda Machine: pro-life detractors

Not even a week has gone by since I began this blog. Currently Bible studies are the main focus. So you can imagine my surprise (or lack there of) that within one week a prochoicer felt the need to send me angry messages. Messages about how I clearly don’t know anything about pregnancy (my wife is pregnant) or the effects of pregnancy on women (a topic I am in fact well more informed on than this detractor). This person went on to indicate that do to my obvious lack of knowledge, based on my adherence to the principals of my faith, I must be filled with hate. They infact failed to read the rest of the post “Roe vs. Wade” in which I lead the reader to seek peaceful means to lovingly admonish your fellow man. It’s also interesting to note that this individual sought out my Bible study blog in order to attack my principals without making an effort to understand a single thing about me, my position, or even the nature of the post being responded to.

Apparently now free speech and the right to a contrary opinion are rights only reserved for the left. The rest of us in their world view are second class citizens. This opinion is congruent with their failure to recognize the dignity of life in the old and the preborn. So I am not surprised by the reaction just greatly disappointed in my fellow man. I will be praying for this person, but I doubt the gesture will be appreciated.

I continue to support the pro-life movement and pray one day that all people will be recognized as human and worthy of life.

It is unfortunate that the new (psuedograssroots) prochoice propaganda machine has the goal of seeking out religious values and virtues and stripping them from faith communities. Robbing faith communities of any power and turning adherents against their churches for the sake of the desires of the individual.

And yet I am the one reported to be filled with hate… maybe you should read my Bible study on “the board and the spec”.

Your brother from a Holy Mother,
Apr 6

Bible Study: Roe vs. Wade Abortion Pro-Life

Hello everyone!!

Today is a day of Fasting for the many who have fallen victim to legalized abortion.  1/3 of your generation is missing.  Friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, class mates, team mates… all gone.  Since 1973 there has been no greater cause of death (by an extremely wide margin) than abortion.  Most studies stopped counting in 1998, but there have been well over 40 million abortions since 1973, probably closer to 50 million, and that number is for the United States alone. 

Scripture Verse of the Week:
"We urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, cheer the fainthearted, support the weak, be patient with all."
                                                                        1 Thessalonians 5:14

       This is the 5th day a week of prayer called for by the pontifical council.  This week of prayer is to be centered around church unity.  The scripture above is the verse which we are called to focus on today by our Pope.  We are called to cheer, support, and to admonish when necessary, those who find themselves outside of Unity with the Church.  The Church is quite literally the Body of Christ.  We take Christ into our bodies through the Eucharist and become ‘little Christs’ for the world.  St. Theresa of Lisieux  calls us to be like Christ in the little things.  She calls this the “little way”.  What St. Theresa means by the “little way” is that in order to be Christ for the world we must be Christ in our Ordinary lives in all the little things we do throughout the day.  Christ comes to meet us in our ordinary every day lives the question is; Are we ready to accept him there??? 
       It is in being Christ in the little ways, that we can show Christ to our separated brothers and sisters.  Christians who do not follow the Teaching Authority of the Chair of Peter (the Pope[Papa, Papem, Pontif, the biggest cheese that isn’t God]) are still Christian they are still our brothers and sisters, however they have what the Church refers to as partial truth.  This means that they do not recognize the fullness of all that Jesus has left us.  We are called by Christ to draw our brothers and sisters into the fullness of sacramental Christian living.  The way in which we are called to do this is again through good cheer to the faint of heart, support and love for those who grow weak, and to admonish when necessary those who stray from the fullness of Christianity.  This last part is tricky.  I’m calling in some support from my good friend Webster.  Admonishment:  
1 a: to indicate duties or obligations to b: to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner 2: to give friendly earnest advice or encouragement to.  So what does that mean for us?  This means that when a person is wrong we are obligated to express warning and disapproval, or to inform them of proper duties or obligations.  However… it is absolutely important to do this out of a spirit of Christian Charity (LOVE), and an obligation to take seriously and deal with gently. 
        These things are all done best along the “little way”.  Bring Christ in to all the little things in your life, and you will naturally be supportive and cheerful, and when admonishment is necessary it will flow naturally from the great Love that Christ has grown within you. 
It is also worth pointing out that admonishment is impossible without personal knowledge and understanding of the ways in which Christ chooses to dispense his grace in our lives.  So spend time with the Eucharist, and spend time with your Catechism. 

This challenge is three fold #1 Spend an hour with the Eucharist this week. #2 Spend an hour reading the Catechism this week. #3 Be cheerful and supportive :). 

God Bless you all this week!!

Your Brother from a Holy Mother,